Assess Damages Following a Disaster


How and When to Inspect Your Childcare Center

Do not return to the childcare center until local authorities have declared the area safe for return.

Take photos of the damage to the building and its contents to document any losses.

Keep records and receipts for each cost incurred in cleaning up or repairing your center.

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to file a claim.

Returning Safely after a Disaster

Contact the power and gas company to determine if there is service in your area.

Inspect the heating and cooling system in the building, examining for separated connections, contaminants, flood debris, or leaking fuel.

Seek additional information from your local disaster recovery center.

Find a qualified contractor.

Turn off gas and main electrical breaker prior to inspection.

Know the resources in your area.

Honestly assess your skills and comfort level before attempting to clean and restore your facility.

Consider any pre-existing health conditions that may worsen as a result of exposure to contaminants.

Structural Integrity
Inspection After a Disaster

Do you hear cracking sounds which suggest the building is moving?

Are the floors or beams sagging?

Are the walls cracking?

Are windows or doors able to open after the disaster?

Has wetness occurred from flooding or a leaking roof?

Has the insulation become wet?

Do you see signs of damage to your roof such as sagging ceilings, cracked trusses, or missing shingles?