Prepare A Disaster Game Plan


Disasters can be scary. Make a plan now!


your plan annually and after an actual disaster.


annual/monthly training with staff and children to test the plan.


that staff members are trained annually in responding to emergencies.


the actions to be taken in an emergency to be certain all children and staff of the facility are kept safe from harm.


a copy of your plan easily accessible at all times.


your plan to staff members and place one on display for parents.

Get the right supplies.

Check off supplies you already have on hand.

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Quick Planning Reference

Evacuation pack containing the contents detailed in your disaster response plan

Remember to inform all staff about the location of the pack

Parent notification of the details of your plan

Quarterly tornado drills with required documentation

Contacts for parents or authorized third party release caretakers of children

Plan for how and when you will reunify children and parents following an emergency

Have a procedure in place for infants through age two

Sheltering in place procedure

Lockdown procedure

Evacuation plans for Natural disasters and Man-made disasters

Accounting for children/staff procedure

Prepare for children with special needs

Get familiar with the Disaster Recovery Supplement

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) urges you to familiarize yourself with their guidance manual for disaster recovery in Early Care Centers. Here are a few things to note:

Children also spend time at home-based ECE programs, group homes, and recreational facilities.

The Choose Safe Places for Early Care and Education (CSPECE) manual addresses environmental hazards at different locations.

The CSPECE compiles resources readily available from numerous agencies for each environmental hazard or topic.